Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nostalgia sex

The last couple of months have been a bit of a dry spell. I've been out to the clubs a few times but didn't get much action. And some of the edge has gone off the sex–is that what happens when you get older? I've hooked up a couple of times with N who's always a great fuck. But these days he won't meet up in the park and it's always hard to find a time when the coast is clear at home.
Yesterday out of the blue I got a message from K. Just getting a message was great–for me he's always been something more than a fuck bud. But it turned out he was horny too.
We drank a bit of wine, then got naked and started making out. Soon enough he had me on my knees eating out my hole. He fucked my face for a while. Then he rubbered up and slid into my hole. I've said it before, he's the only guy who always hurts me when he fucks me. This time was no different. He's big, but it's mostly the fact that he stays hard and pushes in deep. And although he's a sweet guy he's a merciless top.  
He had me in a few different positions, fucking me hard and deep and making me groan. After half an hour he came and lay beside me while we made out for a while. Then he pushed into me raw. That's how I like it but I don't ask him for it–he's the one who's hung up on not getting infected so I figure it's up to him to decide how much risk he wants to run.
Next he starts fingering my arse. Then he's using four fingers to fuck my hole. After he's loosened me up a bit he's in with his whole fist. I tell him to go for it. He doesn't need any more encouragement. He alternates fists. For a while he has his raw dick in there as well as his fist. He gets off on making me squirm. Then he's punching my hole. At one point I end up on my back bent double with my toes hooked up in his bedhead while he fucks down into me and then punchfists me from above. Hot!
A little while later he's lying on the bed, rough fisting me with his right hand while he jerks his his big dick with his left. Then his dick's in my mouth gushing cum.
It wasn't the greatest sex we've ever had but just seeing him again, drinking, talking, kissing and getting naked was special. I miss him when I haven't seen him for a while but when we do get together we always seem to be a good fit. He's got a pervy streak which adds to the fun. I keep hoping he'll piss in my hole again but I guess he's deciding barebacking with me is too risky. (Which is fair enough: he's worked out that I take a lot more risks than he is comfortable with).

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Bruce Chang said...

Holy cow! Love a bottom that still bears through it all when it hurts. I have to say. I know when I go too deep and occasionally do it just to get a reaction...